Muskoka Cranberry Route - New 2018

ALL NEW Muskoka Cranberry Route

There is some pretty exciting news coming out of Muskoka this fall with the launch of the ALL NEW Muskoka Cranberry Route, a culinary trail (or route if you will) with 25 crantastic stops across Muskoka.
You might already know this but Bala is the Cranberry Capital of Ontario, and has been hosting one of the biggest cranberry celebrations, the Bala Cranberry Festival, for the last 30+ years. The cranberry capital of Ontario is also home to the oldest cranberry farm in Ontario, and the only cranberry farm in the world with its own on-site winery.
The love for cranberries doesn’t stop in Bala, Muskoka has long been crazy for cranberries. Across Muskoka, our talented chefs, bakers and brewers have been incorporating local cranberries into their craft for years, and the Muskoka Cranberry Route pulls this collection together to showcase our local food and our local talent.

Cranberry Cruisin’

One of the best ways to experience Muskoka’s stunning fall colours is aboard a cruise of the lakes, and Sunset Cruise’s historic Peerless II will be sailing 6 days a week until October 14. For the Muskoka Cranberry Route, the Peerless II will have warm spiced cranberry cider available to cruise guests so they can experience the very best of fall’s sights and tastes.