Spring in Muskoka

The ice is out of the river and the water is low due to the allowance for spring melt and spring rains in the large catchment area that is the Muskoka Watershed. With all the winter snow fall  to melt, the snow/water fills up the depleted water levels and add to it the spring rains, often the watershed goes into flood. Sometimes 2 - 3 ft above summer normal levels. 

                                                      April 6 2015 Muskoka River level.

Lake Muskoka is the lowest point in the watershed and the single largest lake in the system so it takes a long time to fill up and to drain down.   2 years ago we had very high water with about 3 feet above normal.  By June it is almost normal although often a swift current remains for a few weeks after the levels are normalized. 

Summer water levels on the Muskoka River.